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Bubala's- Provincetown

Bub1Sometimes you choose a restaurant for a particularly memorable dish, a familial waiter, a great location, or the thoughts of good times past. Sometimes you hit upon a place that is all of these things, Bubala's in Provincetown is that kind of place for me. For thirteen years we have been frequenting, sometime twice daily, this staple of downtown Provincetown, and are never disappointed.

Bubala's is part town hall, part center square, and totally entertaining. Located in the heart of Provincetown, MA, a hamlet at the very tip of Cape Cod that’s been home to writers, artists and Portuguese fisherman, for the past 100 years. The inside is really not inspired- resembling a Wags with some nautical decor thrown in, and a ever present smell of the sea- not the Pottery Barn fragrance of sun and salt, but of fishing boats, gulls and deep fry. It's the patio outside where you can find all of the action. Lost your new "best friends" that you met on the sunset cruise? Have a housemate that's been AWOL since dinner last night? Looking for a little new love? It's all on the patio- the sandbar at the ebb and flow of Commercial Street. I've been there through good times and bad times, I've seen em all but my dear- i'm stilll paraphrase Shirley MacClain.

Large cocktails make up for the ever present lines waiting to be seated- but waiting in line is where you get to practice your parade wave at the swarm of bicycles buzzing by on their way to the date, beach, or afternoon Tea Dance (visitors and tourists only!) Greeted by Ducky, your host, waiter, and entertainment for the afternoon, you quickly settle into a time-honored tradition of rehashing the evening before and plotting even bigger adventures for the night ahead. It's Cheers with a drag brunch.

Lobster Rolls? Sure they're killer- it's Cape Cod for God's sake, but the Tuna sandwich with thinly sliced fresh ginger and Wasabi Mayo is the best way to roll. Incredible Gorgonzola burgers and a spicy Jerk Chicken on Focaccia are great for our non-sea faring friends. Linger over a final beer and you’ll possibly see John Waters, Margaret Cho, Bruce Valanche or a bevy of other stars- some working some just playing. Ducky, in his French maid's outfit during Carnival's Gay Pairee theme, was kissed by none other than Cyndi Lauper-proving that everyone can show their true colors at Bubala's by the Bay.



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