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Deleese Lured in, by the promise of half priced wine, Tom and I decided to give Deleece another try. Located in the Southport Corridor of Chicago, Deleece on appearance seems to be a charming small urban restaurant with an interesting Global Menu created by Steven Obendorf. Pre dinner cocktails were way off the mark- I tried a Cucumber Mango Mojito which was way too tart and the cucumbers diced into it really had little effect on taste. Tom tried a Pomegranate Cosmo that was certainly part of the Robitussin family of cough syrups. Appetizers of Vietnamese pork spring rolls with a nuoc cham dipping sauce and a Chipotle Corn and Sweet Potato Soup were interesting but WAY too salty...and we are both salt fanatics.
Anxiously awaiting the main course Tom and I experimented with his camera phone to see if it would be a good tool in this new blogging world...but alas I hate blogs with bad photos so you'll never see my bread and hummus.

Tom’s main course of Moroccan root vegetables with spinach cous cous and almonds was good- spicy and the diced veggies added a nice texture to the dish- not too heavy for summer. I, on the other hand HATED my entrée; Scallops in a Porcini reduction served over edamame and wasabi puree and some sort of tomato and herb cous cous thingy. Served cold the first time, the tastes I expected were not there but what was present was the MEALIEST thing I have ever eaten. I’m not sure how but the tomato cous- cous thing felt like ground glass hitting my incisors. The wasabi bean puree was almost tasteless and I could not find a porcini if my I had a pig in my pocket. Tom, of course took delight in watching me suffer through the dish until finally I commandeered his tagine.

Overall a disappointing dining experience- the staff was great and friendly and I did have a nice half off bottle of Edna Valley Chardonnay...I'm recommending Deleece to anyone just coming out of major dental surgery or who is over 85.


J Kent

Hmm ... Sounds like the kind of place Tom would suggest I take Allison.

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