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Fatkid How to keep your kid looking like an oompah loompah? (I know I'm mixing movie metaphors but how many times do you get to type loompah?)
Try reading the article in the New York Times Sunday magazine about a school lunch test. Organic, natural vs processed, trans fatty. You wouldn't think that the hardest part about getting a kid to switch from French fries (or are they still freedom fries?) to Sweet Potato Fries would be convincing their parents to support the program and continuing the education at home. The schools are going to have a hard enough time enacting any sort of healthy eating program based on current budgets and supply chains, without having parents still passing out "Little Debbie" snack cakes as lunch or awards. An interesting passage in the story relates to a school involved in the experiment still rewarding honor students with McDonalds gift certificates. Didn't they see Super Size Me?

I am sitting here with a giant diet coke for my afternoon buzz- but I do try and snack properly whenever possible. A great simple snack for all is baby carrots dusted with a light coating of Fisherman's Wharf (shameless product placement). This blend has a bit of salt but it helps the transition from chips and other salty snacks.

Oh... and while munching on a tasty carrot snack - power down the computer, TV and Ipod, hide the cel phone and get outside with the young ones. If my dad had gotten us outside more- my brother and I might not be vying for the role of Jared-and I might be able to throw a ball without looking like I was drowning.


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