Deleece Delish?

The Power of Pomegranate


For me, their sweet taste was enough.  Pomegranates symbolize summer, the pool, the tropics - they're a taste of the sun.  I dreamed up a rimming sugar because the tangy taste changes cocktail hour.  The flavor makes the party even better. 

It's not just me either.  Everyone is catching on to the craze. Pomegranate lemonade. Pomegranate tea. Pomegranate lipstick.  Pomegranate perfume.  Starbucks is even with it - the Pomegranate Frappucino. 

But Jane Porter's write-up in this morning's Tribune proved that there's much more to the tangy fruit's trend.  Pomegranates are the new superdrug.  Doctors are locked away in labs, eating pomegranates, feeding pomegranates to rabbits, taking tests, crunching numbers, and this news just came in: they can save your life.  Just ask Jane. 

In fact, if you aren't doing anything now, you should go to the produce section of your local grocery store.  Order a truckload of pomegranates. 

These are just some of the effects of the Mediterranean masterpiece fruit.

- Reduce the risk of heart disease

- Slow prostate cancer

- Redefine PMS

- Give Viagara makers a run for their money

Imagine the next wave of commercials - "Because pomegranate is the most powerful all-natural healer, the fruit can work miracles that last a bit too long.  Please consult your doctor if symptoms last over 4 hours."

Check out the article at the Tribune's website for full details. Registration is free. Pomegranates are priceless.



Margaret Cho does a bit about a Pom diet- she ends up caught on the freeway and...well- let's just say she lost some weight-fast.

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