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What’s that you're drinking? A rosé wine?

What use to be the anti-cool is now the new cool. Thanks to dedicated European winemakers rosé wines have risen in quality and they can no longer be lumped into the category of “convenience store wines”.

Don’t confuse rosé with blush zinfandels. They are two very different wines. Blush zinfandel is akin to Kool-Aid, dry rosé is crisp, tart, loaded with fruit and pairs well with everything from sushi to a sandwich. The French have long known the quality of rosé wines and is their summer drink of choice.

Rosé wines have been so maligned that a self-help group of rose fans, Rose Avengers and Producers , has organized to “right the wrongs done to rosé”.

How to know you're buying a real, dry rosé and not Kool-Aid? Look on the label for the alcohol level. If it's 12 percent or above, it's dry, fermented until all the sugar is out of a wine. If it's below 12 percent it's most likely sweet.

Excellent choices to wet your rosé whistle and serve at your late summer soirée:

Domaines Ott, a good wine for those psychologically unprepared to drink rose, because it's so beautifully packaged and expensive $30. Castello di Ama from Tuscany, $15 and Muga from Spain, $11.

Photo by Julian Kingma



i tried a bunch of roses this summer from new zealand- awful! stick to the italian and spanish

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