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Jim Pohle - A Man of Tomorrow

The Teamsters?  Sure, they’ve done some work for the labor force, but there’s a new union that you should know.

Why?  You’re probably thinking that labor unions don’t have the same sort of impact on your life today.  If you order pizza, they do.

The American Union of Pizza Delivery Drivers is now a bargaining power in Pensacola, Florida.  Eleven late-night Domino’s Pizza drivers have joined forces in an effort to get what they deserve: minimum wage.  These sound like motivated drivers, right?  Real go-getters who fight for the rights of the men responsible for bringing slices of deep dish heaven into our homes?

Not really.  Jim Pohle, the organizer and initial idea man for the AUPDD, doesn’t appear to be one of the most energetic members of the workforce.  He likes his job for three reasons.

1)      He can sleep late.

2)      He can smoke.

3)      He can listen to the radio.

These are all sound aspects of a job as a delivery driver, but I must admit I’m surprised that he sought legal help in forming this union.  Sleeping in and smoking cigarettes are not two “hobbies” I would expect of the man behind this newly formed labor institution. 

But Jim Pohle doesn’t appear to be an ordinary man.  He gets tips.  He rocks out to the radio.  He puts in his time behind the wheel.  At the end of the day, Jim understands what so many pizza drivers forget: they keep  America running.  Without pizza delivery men, beer truck drivers and mothers, we would be in a dark, dark place.

If my pizza prices go up, so be it.  Men like Jim Pohle deserve more.


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