sodas go DRY

pizza on the move

Conepizza Invented in Italy (where else), cone shaped pizzas -- think pizza slice meets ice cream cone -- are the latest fast food craze. Kono Pizza offers the convenience of eating on the move without making a mess. The EUR 1.50 cones are filled with the desired toppings, then cooked in a special oven in only three minutes. Kono currently runs 5 restaurants in Italy (Rome, Milan, Verona, Udine, Salerno), and is actively looking for franchisees.

It has already sold the concept to entrepreneurs in Spain (Madrid), Germany (Kassel), Kuwait and Indonesia (Jakarta), and has apparently also installed its first oven in Harrods, London. That leaves another 185 or so fast-food obsessed nations hungry for the next hot thing in snacking and obesity.




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